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Learn from the comfort of your home with our online lessons
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Learn to Play the Ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele in the comfort of your own home. Sign up to access online lessons. Lessons are tailored for anyone of varying skill levels. We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. 

Schedule a LIVE Lesson

Prefer to meet face-to-face with an instructor but can’t fly to Hawaii? Or need a lesson that allows you to talk with an instructor?  Meet on ZOOM for a lesson.

About  Hawaii Music School

Hawaii Music School desires to bring the gift of music to anyone who wants to learn.  We offer the best music education with a curriculum that suits your needs.  We provide instruction in a variety of styles, tailor instruction for varying experience levels, and instruct in music theory, technique, feel and creativity.

What others are saying...

​Aaron Crowell has provided me with a fabulous musical experience. Studying with Aaron has introduced me to his vast knowledge of chord theory, Hawaiian Music, and jazz. Aaron's ability to break down and communicate complex and difficult musical ideas into simple and fun steps, that even I could learn, has been a helpful, and valuable gift.

Harvey O.

Honolulu, Hawaii

After 5 years into my retirement, a friend convinced me that I should learn how to play an ukulele.  I met Aaron Crowell when shopping for my ukulele and recognized him from watching internet ukulele demos.  He is a great musician and I am always amazed how well and how smooth he plays the ukulele as both hands hardly seem to move.   Aaron was my very first instructor and turned out to be a perfect one as he was very patient and explained things at my level and ability.  There were no dumb questions and he did not teach at a level that was too advance which made me feel very comfortable and made learning fun.  I can say that Aaron is a great instructor and I continue to enjoy my ukulele daily.

Alvin S.

Honolulu, Hawaii

I have been taking Ukulele/Guitar lessons with Aaron since 2015.  I find him to be a very knowledgeable, laid back, and patient teacher.  Aaron has taught me that it isn’t just about playing the right notes, it is about rhythm and “hearing” what I am playing.  I believe my guitar skills have vastly improved in the past 2.5 years.  I look forward to my lessons with Aaron and learning the soothing melodies of Hawaiian slack key.   I am quite fortunate to be able to have him as my Ukulele/Guitar teacher through Skype lessons since we live around 2500 miles apart!” 

Joyce N.


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